Season Schedule :: Texas Waterfowl Hunting
Texas Waterfowl Hunting Season:
Regular Texas Goose Hunting/Texas Waterfowl Hunting Season Nov. 4 – Jan. 28
Electronic Waterfowl Season Jan. 29 – Mar. 25
Crane Season Dec. 23 – Jan. 28

Texas Waterfowl Hunting Limits:

Snows, Blues, Ross 20 per day
Snows, Blues, Ross, Special Texas Waterfowl Hunting No Limit
Specks Two per day
Canada Three per day
Sand Hill Cranes Three per day


South Zone – South of I-10
Nov. 4 – Nov. 26; Dec. 9 – Jan. 28
Mallard hen, Pintail, Canvasback, Mottled Duck One per day
Scaup, Redhead, Wood Duck Two per day
All other ducks six per day
Combo can be hunters choice for a max of six total ducks per day

If you have any questions, please call Paradise Hunting Club at (713) 562-0847