• Afternoon Prairie Duck Hunts take place in nearby flooded rice fields and reservoirs. Typically we will shoot Pintails, Teal, Widgeons, Gadwalls, Northern Shovelers, and Mottled Ducks, and it is not uncommon to also bag a couple of geese. We require a minimum of three hunters for our afternoon Prairie Duck Hunts. $200 per person, per day.
  • Bay Duck Hunts take place in the Port O’Connor, Matagorda Bay area. The back bays of Matagorda Island around Port O'Conner offer some of the best wing shooting you will ever see. This duck-rich environment is the central flyways’ major wintering grounds for diving ducks, including Redheads, Lesser and Greater Scaup, Buffleheads, Pintail, and Widgeons. There are as many as 14 different species of ducks that winter in this large area. We require a minimum of three hunters for our afternoon Bay Duck Hunts. $200 per person, per day.
  • Sandhill Crane Hunts are also available, and it is an awesome sight to see these large birds with their wingspans of five to six feet. It is also very common to bag a few geese while crane hunting. We require a minimum of four hunters for our afternoon Sandhill Crane Hunts. $200 per person, per day.
  • Afternoon Texas Hog Hunts are conducted 30 minutes from the lodge. Hunting is done from tripods and box blinds over baited areas. 
  • Upland Hunts are conducted on a private shooting area located 30 minutes from the lodge. You will be hunting behind some of the finest dogs in the South. Paradise Hunting Club is partnering with two neighboring outfitters that specialize in these types of hunts so that you can expect a top-notch hunt.
Other Guided Day Hunts option for your afternoon enjoyments:
  • A professional guide
  • Wind socks, rags, kites & flyers, white parkas, and back supports
  • Extensively pre-scouted private property on which to hunt
  • ATVs (if needed)
  • Freezing/storage of birds

The price of our Guided Day Hunts is $200 per person, per day.

Remember, with a party of four or more on our Guided Day Hunts, we will not mix any other hunters with your party, and you are welcome to bring your own bird-hunting dog. Call us to plan your next Guided Day Hunt!

Our Guided Day Hunts include:
Guided Day Hunts

Our Guided Day Hunts are exciting and memorable! For your Guided Day Hunt, your guide will meet you each morning and you will follow him to the pre-scouted field. Your guide, along with the help of the hunting party, will set out the spread. After our Guided Day Hunt, the guide will tag and take your geese, ducks, waterfowls, etc., to the local picking house (we will run a tab for the duration of your stay) and the birds can be stored in our freezers until your departure. We suggest three to five Guided Day Hunts, but one Guided Day Hunt is also welcome. Don't miss out on the thrill of our Guided Day Hunts!